Mariah Carey And Jermaine Dupri Up ‘The Art Of Letting Go’ Promo Push

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Mariah Carey

In less than 24 hours Mariah Carey will debut her new song entitled “The Art Of Letting Go” via her Facebook page.

As her fans commonly known as Lambs wait for the show-tune-inspired track, Jermaine Dupri who is Mariah’s confident, manager has decided to give a lengthy explanation on the marketing plan behind the single.

In a statement posted on Dupri’s personal website, the mega producer confirmed that it was indeed his idea to have the “One Sweet Day” artist unleash the ballad via the social networking site in order to reach all of her supporters around the world at the same time.

While the Tennessee actress is not Justin Bieber, JD is convinced that Carey should use every tool (old PR firms, written/televised interviews and new options such as Twitter and Instagram ) at her disposal to promote her work and get great results on iTunes.

Dupri who is very proud of his promotional concept wrote:

“With basically 1 day left before the release of “The Art Of Letting Go” on Mariahs FaceBook page, i thought it was important to share with my Lifers,things i’ve learned through this exercise,First off, as big as FaceBook is,when it comes to music people still question how much ground will actually get covered,ive gotten messages every day from lambs like this.(Mariah’s fanbase isn’t like Biebers in that it isnt full of teenagers who sit on Itunes. Many of them are old skool and need to be exposed to the song on radio first to want to support her,so while the Facebook premiere will attract a lot of die hard fans, many more fans will only be exposed to Mariah by airplay and that is what will drive up her iTunes position.) via @meltaway.”

The songwriter went on to explain that he is certain that the song will impact at least 1 Million people when it gets released on Monday morning:

“If your a member of Global14 or a Jermaine Dupri follower than you should know how much i believe in direct connect and how long i’ve been talking about this,i learned the strength of this when i signed Dondria,when people follow you,subscribe to your page or like you,their sending you a very important message,its your job to pay attention and understand what that is.

Before i approached FaceBook about this, i was wrecking my brain trying to think of something to do, that would hit all of her lambs at once,its not many things that can do that,but FaceBook can,to all of the lambs sending me messages,i hope you fully understand this,lets just say if Mariah only had 1 million followers (for laughs) on monday at 11 am each one those million people will recieve a notification of exactly whats going on,REMEMBER!!! this is 1 million people that won’t this notification.”

Jermaine also broke some news by announcing that moments after the track has hit the airwaves on Monday 11/11 at 11 Am, /[][‘Mariah Carey will be answering fans’ questions on her official Facebook page:

“The 2nd thing i learned is that internet education is still way down,from the Record labels,Publishing companies,Artist and PR,they still don’t address these content controllers the way they should,and artist of the MC level still don’t use FaceBook to their i’m writing this, I’m praying we have all the signatures and legal information taken care of cause just yesterday shit was going crazy!!and with out me going into details,as much as this may sound like its been done before, it really has’nt.On monday 11/11 at 11 am around the world, you will be able to buy the song,listen to the song and ask Mariah question on her FaceBook page, i hope to see you there.”

The many men in MiMi’s life are really promoting the project, her husband Nick Cannon had the following to say about “The Art of Letting Go,” :

“It’s amazing! It’s outstanding. Her focus is on the new song right now, and after that, she’ll probably reveal something else to the world!”

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