J. Holiday ‘Guilty Conscience’ Music Video

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J Holiday Guilty Conscience

It has been more than a minute since we last head from RnB crooner J. Holiday.

The good news is that the 28-year-old entertainer is back with his third studio new album entitled “Guilty Conscience” that will be out on December 10th, which means he will be competing with R. Kelly’s “Black Panties.”

The Washington native has premiered a music video for the second single from the record entitled “Guilty Conscience” (the first single was the song called “After We Fuck”).

The brief visual, features the “Thug Commandments” singer having a steamy love affair with one woman who eventually finds out that he is cheating on her.

After the jump off calls the main chick to expose Mr Nahum Grymes’ cheating ways, the pair ended up in an epic fight.

The simplistic clip ends with the “Bed” artist in tears, smoking and thinking about his actions.

J. Holiday who has collaborated with Lil Ronnie, Jerry Wonda, Blaq Smurph and Mike Snoddy on the album explained:

“This is the first time I actually creatively sat down with one producer to do an album. Creatively it felt good to have someone understand exactly what I was trying to accomplish. It’s easy to grab a bunch of great records and say that’s my album. However, this time we are trying to tell a story from track one to track twelve … from beginning to end. You will see the trailer for what we have coming out.”

The Grammy nominated singer went through several label changes in the past months before calling Music Line Group his home – let us hope he finds success there.

As you wait for J. Holiday’s “Guilty Conscience” album to hit stores on December 10, 2013, you can preview the tracks below or pre-order it via Amazon.

1. Incredible
2. Thinkin Bout Ya
3. Cloud 9
4. After We
5. Guilty Conscience
6. Ms. Get Around 12. Heaven
7. Wrong Turn
8. Home Wrecker
9. Dumb
10. Come Back Home
11. Where Are You Now
12. Heaven

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